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Welcome to Config Paradise

Quality and Service mixed into a Custom Config

What is Config Paradise?

Config Paradise is a team of experienced config makers in the software Openbullet and SNIPR. We all have our areas in the field. Some are good with Mobile API’s, WEB or some all-around.

Why choose us?

We strive to deliver quality configs to you, and when buying from us, you will get the ability to receive a free update/repair, if you want something added to the config after your purchase and/or if the config is broken. You will not only receive quality configs, but also a quality service.

In order for us to succeed in the quality and service path, we want our customers to be happy, and get heard. We will therefore accept any kind of feedback/suggestions, so we can improve ourselves all the time.

Prepaid Configs

When you purchase a custom config with us, we will sell it on our autobuy shop. It’s not going to be the same amount you bought it for, but it’s going to be more expensive. The price will at a minimum be increased by 30% depending on the site, and the probability of it being “raped” – Decision will be made by the Config Paradise staff.

Quick Example:
1. Customer pays 10$ for a config
2. We increase the price by 50%
3. Final price is 15$ for other customers.

Please note if we made an agreement not to sell a config in our autoshop, then this does not apply to you.

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