Terms of Service

The following is the terms and service set out by configparadise.com and it’s respective staff members. By using Config Paradise’s website, services and purchasing from us, you acknowledge these terms and as a result, agree to them.

Information We Collect

Configparadise.com uses an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and firewall to protect itself from attacks. As a result, it will log the IP address and other identifying information about the attack to the respective staff. While purchasing through our website/webstore, your email address and payment method will be kept indefinitely.

Requesting a Config

Configparadise.com’s respective staff has the right to deny or reject any config request claims, without a warrant for reasoning.


Configparadise.com offers support for all of its services to all customers, free of charge. If you are suffering from an issue, feel free to contact a staff member and get your issue resolved. Refunds are issued only by the discretion of the respective staff members, chargebacks or refund requests will be reviewed thoroughly, and action will be taken.

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